Bear Spring Ranch in Marion, Montana Presents: Horst Becker: Author and Classical Dressage Rider

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Horst Becker has been training and coaching riders and horses for thirty years throughout Europe and the US. From beginners to advanced levels. Western style as well as classical disciplines. He is a classical dressage rider and trainer.  Horst teaches classical dressage, strengthening work on the lunge, balance before movement, developing collection and harmony in movement. He places value on methods of schooling a horse that avoids force and builds consistency on an understanding of the horse’s anatomy. Horst is the author of The Athletic Horse, a book that covers problems in dressage training and how to prevent them. He has a training concept that includes classical dressage, biomechanics, and preventive healthcare. He believes that every horse is unique and so must be the approach to training.

Balance, harmony in motion, and togetherness are key ingredients of this clinic.

One of Horst’s talents is using the lunge and groundwork to strengthen your horse or to prepare your horse to be ridden. Horst works toward a goal of togetherness for the horse and rider through groundwork, lunging and ridden work.

10 Rider Limit Each Day for this Three-Day Clinic June 7, 8, 9, 2019

Clinic cost: $450.00 for a three-day clinic which includes 3 individualized lessons as well as auditing of all other lessons.

Auditing only cost:  3 days for $150.00.

Sound system will be available so all participants can hear. Questions will be addressed and answered. All level of horses and riders are welcome. Stalls (limited amount) are available, or pasture available for the clinic participants. NO CHARGE FOR STALLS OR PASTURE! Bring your own hay, water buckets and shavings if using stalls. All horses must have proof of Coggins and Vaccinations.

Please leave your dog’s home or keep them contained. Bear Spring Ranch is a working ranch with mares, foals, and cattle.  Overnight camping on site is available for free as well, no hookups though.

Contact Lisa Guinn 406-250-6542 or Teresa Bron 509-840-3861 for more information

Clinic fee must be paid by April 14th, 2019 to secure your spot.

RMFHC Club Update

A congratulations is in order! Effective this week, Marquis Laude will become a member of the FHANA Board of Directors. With that said, it is considered a violation of FHANA rules to be involved with any other Board of Directors (to include FHANA Chapters) while on the FHANA Board. Mr. Laude sent in his letter of resignation to the other board members in January of 2019.

We are in need of new board members for this chapter to remain in existence. Are there any individuals that would like to step up and be a part of this organization? If anyone is interested, Mr. Laude has offered to volunteer as the chapter site host for the Keurings’ and happily assist with any consultations that are needed.

Since the inception of the chapter, the Rocky Mountain Friesian Horse Club has filed for tax exempt status with the IRS and with the State of Montana making it very simple to continue to file the taxes. The minimum requirements to keep the club going are to file the chapter renewal forms and the Keurings’. Mr. Laude can also assist with the chapter renewal process—the deadline is coming up very quickly for that. Please help us keep our club active by volunteering to become a board member. Please call Marq Laude at 406-249-1651 or email him at mlaude@mtiss and he’d be happy to discuss or help with any of your needs.




Wouldn’t it be nice to have an excuse to dust off that Friesian Sjees you have been carefully storing but have not had a good reason to show it off?  FHANA’s 35th Anniversary committee may just have come to your rescue. We are inviting each Chapter to Ponoka, Alberta in July of 2019 to come with their representative Sjees and Horse(s) to challenge all other Chapters as to who can present the most impressive turnout.

We would like to encourage each FHANA Chapter to actively consider participating. We also understand that distance may be a serious inhibitor for many Chapters. Our committee will be happy to offer some other participatory events for those individual members who are planning to be a part of this Challenge by representing their Chapter. We are aware that if you invest the required  time and effort to come to Ponoka with your horse(s) and Sjees for the Chapter Challenge, you may want to be involved in some other events as well with your Friesian(s) to make it more worth your while.

The Friesian Sjezen Chapter Challenge is scheduled for the evening show, Tuesday July 16, at the impressive Calnash Ag Event Centre. We plan to make your stay during the 3 day event as comfortable as possible, whether it is the stabling facilities, ample parking space, or camping area with water and power hookups.

For more information please contact committee member Annie Muilwijk   1-403-598-3675 or

Please check out the 35th Anniversary Celebration Facebook Page!

New Majestic Valley Arena Website

The Rocky Mountain Friesian Horse Chapter would like to send a shout out to Rodney Stafford from the Majestic  Valley Arena. In case you didn’t know, he takes care of the sound, video, computers, and their website. Recently, Rodney launched a new website that promotes the arena and provides a gallery of our Keuring photos.

You can read all about it here: Please be sure to share their website with your family and friends and check out the other events that will be happing at the Majestic Valley Arena! 




We are less than one week away from our annual Keuring here in Kalispell, Montana! We’d like to provide you with a run-down on the latest news and updates—giving you an idea of where we’re at and where we’re going!

Stalls: Majestic Valley Arena stalls are available anytime you would like to arrive.

  • Stall Cost – $20.00 per stall (if you have occupied the stall prior to 8:00 a.m. you will be charged a stall fee)

Note: If you arrive on Friday after 8:00 am and leave after the Keuring on Saturday you can expect to pay $20.00 for the stay.

Stall Shavings: You must use the Majestic Arena shavings and can’t use your own. A volunteer is assigned to take in account the number of bags of shavings that are used. One bag of shavings will be provided in a stall with your names on them by 1p.m. of Friday Afternoon. Anyone coming earlier must let me know in advance so we can make arrangements with Majestic Valley Arena (MVA).

  • Shavings Cost $8.00 Per Bag

Note: MVA has several wash racks inside the barn with hot and cold water for washing horses.


Check-in: Participants arrive 1:00 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Collection of Coggins Paperwork for each horse
  • Preliminary chip reading and registration paper verification

Arena Set-Up: 5:00 p.m. (Josh and Marq)

Note: Volunteers begin to sporadically arrive throughout the afternoon to assist with the preparations.

Judges Arrive At: 5:11 p.m. MST Delta Flight 4775 from Salt Lake City (SLC) This flight originates out of Reno, Nevada.

Address: 3796 US-2E, Kalispell MT 599011| Phone: 406-755-5303

Security: 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. security arrives at MVA and is provided by the local Sheriff’s Department.



8:00 a.m.: Clinic by Judges

9:00 a.m.: Opening Ceremony (National Anthems(s) & Special Guest

9:10 a.m.: Measuring and Chip Reading of Participants (official chip reading by judges)


Note: IBOPS, measuring, categories 16 & 17, 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 5-14. This change allows the judges to review the young stallions in hope they may wish to see them again later in the day. With the new provisions from the KFPS, they now want to see 21/2-year old’s in hopes they can be put on a “watch” list.

*MVA will have their snack stand available*

Anticipated Expenses (based on 21 Entries in the Keuring)

  • Arena Rental/Microphone: $2200.00 (based on 21 participants = $104.80 per entry
  • Stall Fee: $20.00 per day/one horse per stall (A stall can be used for storing tack and feed but a fee will still be required at $20.00 per day)
  • Security Fee: $200.00 (based on 21 participants = $9.53 per entry)
  • Runner Fee: $120.00 Per Entry (if a participant comes back for a re-show, re-evaluation or for a Grand Champion there is no additional fee for that—cash only please)
  • Shavings: $8.00 per bag




Runners: We have confirmation that the runners are coming from the Netherlands to support our Keuring. They are going to charge $120.00 per horse this year. What this means is for every event/class your horse is entered in for individual judging, there will be a $120.00 charge for them to handle the horse. 

Stalls: You don’t have to reserve a stall because we have a list of all attendees, however, we’ll need to know if you are coming in earlier than September 28, 2018 and staying the night of the Keuring. Majestic Valley arena takes inventory in the morning to determine stall charges. This includes a horse and/or any equipment in a stall. The Inventory of all stall usage is taken from 6am-8am and the appropriate fees will be charged.

Shavings: These are accounted for by one of our volunteers. Inventory is taken of the storage building when we start and then inventory is taken again at the end of the Keuring (hopefully the numbers match). 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Watch Facebook for any updates and be sure to keep an eye on your email! The 2018 Keuring checklist is as follows:




A New Message From Your President

Hello Everyone! We’re getting closer to the day in September for our 2018 Keuring. I have a few updates for you.

1. FHANA has opened up the registration window for the upcoming Keuring on September 29th, 2018

Note: Seems as though we’ll have a good turn out this year.

2. We’ve made reservations at the Majestic Valley Arena to hold our Keuring on September 29th, 2018.

3. We’ve made reservations at Jagz restaurant for dinner the night before the Keuring which is September 28th, 2018.

4. We’re continuing the coordination of sponsors to support Dahl Graphics who prints the programs for the Keuring.

5. Dahl Graphics is looking for assistance with funding because they are coming up short on money with the cost for printing the Keuring Programs. The FMC, the marketing committee, and the inspection committee have all gotten involved (trying to come up with sponsors who want to advertise in the program).

6. If anybody knows of a business that would like to sponsor a page or section in the program, please let me know or contact Dahl Graphics directly. I plan on contacting Murdoch’s, CHS (Cenex) and some other businesses here locally

7. If anyone of you would like to advertise your farm or business—please feel free to get involved.

As always, if anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Marquis L. Laude, CPP, CSEIP, CHS-V

406-249-1651 (Mobile)

More Keuring 2


UPDATE from the Membership Counsil and the Keuring Committee

A Message from your president: We’ve received some information thru the Membership Council and the Keuring Committee.  There have been some changes with the rules and program that might affect some of you.

  1. All foals have to be lead on a halter during a portion of the inspection. 
  2. The FMC is planning on passing a motion to charge each chapter $50.00 for the program (minimum order) and a $1.00 for every book ordered.

*This is a change from the past.  We’ve never been asked to identify how many programs we would like.  FHANA sent us about 30 of them.  This motion would be contingent on a sponsor that would be dedicated to the cover and back cover.  If that sponsor doesn’t support the program, we might see an increase in the cost of the programs. Remember, the programs are chapter specific.  As I receive other information, I’ll pass it on.

  1. September 29, 2018, Keuring Dinner.

Our Keuring is still scheduled for Saturday, September 29, 2018.  The Majestic Valley arena has been reserved again and Lisa has made arrangements again at Jagz for the Prime Rib/Prawn dinner buffet.  That cost will be $24.00 per person (last year we had a local sponsor pay for everybody’s dinner).

  1. We had two individuals nominate themselves for the vacant position on the board as Treasurer.
  • Michelle Spring from Kalispell
  • Carol Brown from Idaho.

I’ll get back to everyone on the next steps as I receive the information.

Thanks everybody and have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Marquis L. Laude, CPP, CSEIP, CHS-V